Thursday 23 July 2015

Charcoal Pores Strips

After my last failed pores strips purchase by BiorĂ©, I didn´t want to try more blackheads stripes anymore because I usually think, that many of the products has a fake results and the marketing just want to sell...
So, I was thinking to get a ultra  1 hour Diamond facial scrub in a Clinic next to my house.
My brother, who is a believer in all  those beauty products, and he tries on most of them to see if it works or not, he decided to give an opportunity  for that one, he used them couple of months ago and he seemed definitely convinced and happy about the results, also the price is completly cheap, so why not?!.

I´m not sure yet, if in big shopping malls or specifics drugstores they sell that, cos it´s completly new for me, and probably will be difficult to find it in UK, my current residence.

The packaging is completly natural, appears a woman wearing those stripes very cheerful, obviously all skins are differents, and sometimes works in others better than the rest, so we have to have a go.
The envelope is white and green plastic container with natural leaves around the envelope.
Contains 3 stripes, so can use them thre times, or twice per week, not more than that.

The tittle is Pores stripes, Natural Charcoal by Montagne Jeunesse.

What contains?¿

Copolymer, water, charcoal, wood, pumice, polysilicone, lavander, iron, dipotassium and titanium.

At the beginning sounds like really quimical, but the results are bloody amazing, trust me.
Has natural hardwood  charcoal with excellent quialities to absorv excess of sebum and almost all blackheads, give your skin less visible pores around your nose, whilist volcanic ash wish helps to clear dead cells.

My skin problem is just the opened pores, always the same, and they cant be totally removed, so I try my best to clean them every week deeply.

First I  wash my face to remove all the oily excess and dirtiness,  after that, I get a really hot towel, I press on my nose for a while to open all my pores, around 5 minutes, and finally I put the stripe in my nose.
As the instructions says, to leave it for 10 to 20 minutes.

Then I start to peel off the stripe and omg, the result was bloody amazing, I couldn´t believe it at all after my bad experience with Biore, Ponds and Bioma, which didnt work !!!.

Look at that!!! Honestly I was so happy and shocked when I saw my dirty pores stuck on that black charcoal stripe.

All those white points are my pores...anyway, I will repeat it and I will buy it so many times, because that product promiss what the marketing says, so is not a fake product.

Your nose feels completly clean, bright, all the oily and dirtiness has been removed and also you feel happy when you see how your money has been spent for something that  really works....IT WORKS GUYS!!!!.

After that I just go ahead with my skincare routine, and I love using that awesome facial brush to get a nice results using cleansers on them, helps to get a bright and glowy skin.

Always do it in circular motions and zig zag way to remove all the oily and dirtyness. After that, clear it with cold water to close all your pores.

Im a very trusty person, so ocassionally I change my skincare, I love couple of brands, but in my next post I will tell you guys which brands I use and  also how to clean your face and put your cream, serums, tonics, on it.

Thanks so much for reading, and hope it helps my opinion.
Honestly, have a go with that charcoal pores stripes.

Price 1.49 E
Place  Primor Superdrugstores Spain

Samy Melrose

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